Award Winning Moreplusdesk With Moss Table

Giorgio Caporaso Shows The Moreplusdesk With Moss Table

Giorgio Caporaso , the lead designer of the awarded work MorePlusDesk with moss - Table by Giorgio Caporaso explains, MorePlus Desk with natural moss is an eco-design table with a cardboard body and wood finishes. Under a tempered glass top a moss ru <Cropped>

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Izabela Jurczyk & Małgorzata Boszulak's Pwpw 2016 Calendar 12 Pages Wall Calendar

Izabela Jurczyk & Małgorzata Boszulak Portrays The Pwpw 2016 Calendar 12 Pages Wall Calendar

Izabela Jurczyk & Małgorzata Boszulak, the thinktank behind the award winning design Award Winning PWPW 2016 calendar 12 pages wall calendar explains, Designers from Studio Design were faced with the challenge of presenting on 12 calendar pages <Cropped>

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Award Winning Aqwa Corporate Lobby Building Hall

Gisele Taranto Shows The Aqwa Corporate Lobby Building Hall

Gisele Taranto, the lead designer of the awarded work Building hall:Aqwa Corporate Lobby by Gisele Taranto explicates, In a revitalized area in the Port of Rio de Janeiro - Porto Maravilha Project - emerges Aqwa Corporate, a luxurious corporate comp <Cropped>

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Award Winning Co-Creation! Camp Branding

Kei Sato Discloses The Co-Creation! Camp Branding

Kei Sato, the project leader of the award winning design Co-Creation! Camp - Branding by Kei Sato points out, This is the logo design and branding for the event "Co-Creation! Camp", which people talk about local revitalization for the fut <Cropped>

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Nimb-Led Luminaire by Eduard Zhegalin

Eduard Zhegalin Illustrates The Nimb Led Luminaire

Eduard Zhegalin, the thinktank behind the displayed work LED Luminaire:NIMB by Eduard Zhegalin explicates, This ring-shaped LED pendant light, which is 1,500 mm or 2,000 mm in diameter, was conceived as a lighting solution for the public sector. Its <Cropped>

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Aperture-Dynamic Architecture by Gaby El Ashkar

Gaby El Ashkar Creates The Aperture Dynamic Architecture

Gaby el Ashkar, the creator of the awarded work Dynamic Architecture by Gaby el Ashkar explains, Aperture is a dynamic Architectural design, where inner & outer spaces interact through adaptable lighting configurations, controlled by connected sm <Cropped>

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Premium Coffee Gift Packaging

A Famous Premium Coffee Brand and Desall Invite You to Design a New Line of Packaging Solutions, to Serve as Gifts For a Special Occasion, Be It Christmas or Other Celebrationpremium Coffee Gift Packaging New Packaging Design Contest On a Fam

A famous premium coffee brand and desall invite you to design a new line of packaging solutions, to serve as gifts for a special occasion, be it christmas or other celebrationPremium coffee gift packaging new packaging design contest on <Cropped>

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The Final Chapter 2023-Video Game by Aly Bassam

Aly Bassam Shows The The Final Chapter 2023 Video Game

Aly Bassam, the creator of the highlighted project Video Game by Aly Bassam demonstrates, This Project is an advertising campaign for a video game "The Final Chapter 2023". Several years later, a large amount of cities got damaged due to ch <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Chin-An Yang

Chin-An Yang Reveals The Enchanting Pink Interior Design

Chin-An Yang, the architect of the awarded project Enchanting Pink - Interior Design by Chin-An Yang explains, The feminine ambiences, which is classic and graceful, bring out the joyful space characteristics in the house. The public area is primaril <Cropped>

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Luggage by Mojtaba Hosseini

Mojtaba Hosseini Presents The Spherical Wheel Luggage Luggage

Mojtaba Hosseini, the maker of the awarded work Luggage:Spherical Wheel Luggage by Mojtaba Hosseini says, Spherical Wheel Luggage is combination of both two wheel & four wheel luggage pros, without their cons. It has unlimited maneuverability, mo <Cropped>

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