Washbasin-Family Unit:albatros by Tolga Berkay

Tolga Berkay Illustrates The Albatros Washbasin-Family Unit

Tolga BERKAY, the lead designer of the displayed project Albatros - Washbasin - Family Unit by Tolga BERKAY illustrates, It is designed as a washbasin and it consists of two units. Lower unit is designed for children and also it is suitable for old <Cropped>

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Sunlight-Interior Design by Chien-Ling Liu

Chien-Ling Liu Designs The Sunlight Interior Design

Chien-Ling Liu, the architect of the highlighted design Sunlight by Chien-Ling Liu spells out, Owned by the Japanese as our client, the “Sunlight” is a Japanese-style café where the tatamis and sliding doors specifically set the main tone as Jap <Cropped>

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Award Winning Fantasy Residential House

Feng-Yi Chien Reveals The Fantasy Residential House

Feng-Yi Chien, the creator of the awarded design Residential House by Feng-Yi Chien explains, 'Fantasy', the interior design work for the residence, has the balcony where the family can enjoy the great view. For the house owner who loves re <Cropped>

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Hospital Bed by Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu Demonstrates The Eryigit Hospital Bed

Hakan Gürsu, the maker of the awarded design Hospital Bed by Hakan Gürsu explicates, Eryigit is a new generation, reciprocating hospital bed with improved ergonomics and maneuverability with significant impact on decrease in tooling costs. The main <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Furniture by Wenhan Zhang

Wenhan Zhang Discloses The 2 in 1 Multifunctional Furniture

wenhan zhang, the creator of the awarded design wenhan zhang's 2 in 1 Multifunctional Furniture explicates, The 2 in 1 chair features ergonomic details, whether a person needs to sit for a few minutes or a few hours, the design considerations ma <Cropped>

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Jiaxing City Logo System Design Competition 2020

Logo System For Jiaxing City! Total Prize Is Up to ¥120, 000a City Must Have Its Own Characteristics, Its Own Culture, Its Own Features, and Its Own Brands ... These Comprehensive Manifestations Are to Be Reflected Through a Personalized Logo. This Is Wha

Logo system for jiaxing city! total prize is up to ¥120,000A city must have its own characteristics, its own culture, its own features, and its own brands ... these comprehensive manifestations are to be reflected through a personalized logo. this i <Cropped>

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Pants For Easy Dressing-Incontinence by José Lorenzo Merla Laguna

José Lorenzo Merla Laguna Shows The Ioolot-Easy Going Pants For Easy Dressing-Incontinence

José Lorenzo Merla Laguna, the designer of the awarded work Pants for easy dressing - incontinence by José Lorenzo Merla Laguna demonstrates, This mechanism its hidden and you never realize that this pants have a trick, look perfectly normal as any <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's The Fa.b. Fabric Bookcase

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The The Fa.b. Fabric Bookcase

The creative mind behind the highlighted project Award Winning The FA.B. Fabric Bookcase explains, The “Fa.B.” is a fabric bookcase and a fabulous new way to store, arrange and protect your books and magazines. Outside the rationale of any shelvi <Cropped>

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Old House Renovation:charm Continue by Tseng Hung-Lin and Liu Yi Chang

Tseng Hung-Lin and Liu Yi Chang Creates The Charm Continue Old House Renovation

Tseng Hung-Lin and Liu Yi Chang, the project leader of the displayed design Tseng Hung-Lin and Liu Yi Chang's Charm Continue Old House Renovation spells out, The building structure of the case has been for 30 years,this situation caused consider <Cropped>

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This Is a Design to Display Space.:shenzhen Airport Exhibition Hall by Bo Li

Bo Li Discloses The Shenzhen Airport Exhibition Hall This Is a Design to Display Space

Bo Li, the author of the award winning project Award Winning Shenzhen Airport Exhibition Hall This is a design to display space. illustrates, Creative theme:Infinite Starting Point,Infinite Future.The inspiration comes from the track left when an air <Cropped>

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