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Zhangyan Country Living Festival

The project hopes to create a blueprint for rural life in the future. The key vision design integrates the design style of Memphis School. It abstracts the "mountain, water, fish, bridge" and other elements with the local characteristics of Zhangyan Village to form the visual identity of this event. The overall vision of the project starts from the specific sections of the exhibition, speech, workshop, and market to carry out the spatial narrative, conveying the concepts of rural, sustainable, future, innovation.

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Pop Pop

It was a winter season project for the spatial experience design of Lotte Duty-Free that combined cultural elements with retail space to deliver more than a shopping experience. Designers suggested a story that reminds them of precious moments of travel with a seasonal space direction and product design for travel goods. The illustrations by Dutch artist Jordy Van Den Nieubdijk portrayed the winter in Santa Village. The illustrations represented the theme in an elaborate process like completing a picture with hundreds of puzzle pieces.

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Fresh Blood Dg Youth

The youth culture of Dongguan combines six exhibitors. Six kinds of special food have been adopted to represent six cultural youths, which is amusing and fashionable. The exhibition is like a vegetable market, which metaphorically expresses the daily cultural characteristics, and reflects the young fresh culture and the daily design power contained in Dongguan.

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Comic-Con: Nickelodeon SpongeBob

Nickelodeon, a division of Viacom, had a twofold goal of celebrating 20 years of the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise while generating media buzz. Glow Studio celebrated SpongeBob SquarePants and attracted media coverage by engaging SpongeBob fans in a way not done before: working at the Krusty Krab. Using novel design approaches, Glow Studio created an immersive, beautifully crafted, fully working Krusty Krab environment. creating unparalleled engagement on the show floor.

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For Georges Rousse

The keywords of designer Hasong Lee's work are Symbolism, Formativeness, Sense Of Space, Architecture, and Visuality. She recently thought that the trophy was the best fit for all of this. Trophy enables as many people as possible to celebrate competition or figure or date and symbolize. Through this, she intends to escape the fixed limitations of the existing trophies, and to design the trophies as her formative objects with more diverse stories and new memorials and symbolism. LEE actively used Optical illusion, Anamorphosis, and Metalworking techniques in this project.

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Inside Out

DesignInspire was a 3 day exhibition event set in Hong Kong and dedicated to promoting the design industry. The event organizer requested an eco-friendly approach into elevating the show spatial design. From this, a new set of rules were devised for the design, these include minimizing onsite waste, repurposing materials once the show was over and avoiding creating unwanted material offcuts. Under the concept Inside Out plywood and hired scaffolding were predominantly used. The result was a raw and neutral look that juxtaposed the organizer's graphics and the exhibitors' contents.

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