Bia-Blue Islands açor by Sata Airlines Brand-Design by Ivity

Sata Airlines Brand-Design by Ivity Designs The Sata Airlines | Bia-Blue Islands açor Brand Identity

SATA Airlines Brand - Design by Ivity, the designer of the award winning project SATA Airlines illustrates, The BIA is a local-bird symbol of the Atlantic Sky, which flies over thoughts and dreams over countries, a pilot of nature which transports pe <Cropped>

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Future Pharmacy

Th.kohl and Desall Invite You to Suggest Innovative Concepts For The Pharmacy of The Future, Meant as a “retail Space” Dedicated to The Person, His/Her Wellbeing and to The Relationships.future Pharmacy-envision The Pharmacy of The Future On Desall

Th.kohl and desall invite you to suggest innovative concepts for the pharmacy of the future, meant as a “retail space” dedicated to the person, his/her wellbeing and to the relationships.Future pharmacy - envision the pharmacy of the future on de <Cropped>

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Faasos-Food Delivery Application by Supriyo Roy

Supriyo Roy Illustrates The Faasos Food Delivery Application

Supriyo Roy, the maker of the highlighted design Award Winning FAASOS Food Delivery Application explicates, FAASOS mobile application has been highly inspired from the ordering experience a person would have when he/she goes in a restaurant to eat f <Cropped>

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Mobile Lighting Workbench:tou by Shenying He

Shenying He Presents The Tou Mobile Lighting Workbench

Shenying He, the architect of the awarded project Award Winning Tou mobile lighting workbench illustrates, Urban office workers often need to deal with emergency work outside the office. But the lighting environment in different places is often diffi <Cropped>

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Baby Food Brand by Springetts Brand Design Consultants

Springetts Brand Design Consultants Exhibits The Sprout Baby Food Brand

Springetts Brand Design Consultants, the thinktank behind the award winning design Baby food brand:Sprout by Springetts Brand Design Consultants says, A brand idea seeking to break new ground in the baby food category by the introducing a fresh chill <Cropped>

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Award Winning Lady Zhen Decoration

Szu-Ti Feng Shows The Lady Zhen Decoration

Szu-Ti Feng, the author of the displayed work Decoration by Szu-Ti Feng illustrates, This decorative object masterfully combines two centuries old crafts, leather and lacquer, to depict the feminine virtue, gentle nature and fortitude of Chinese wome <Cropped>

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Retail Precinct by Koichi Takada Architects Pty Ltd

Koichi Takada Architects Pty Ltd Spotlights The East Village Urban Marketplace Retail Precinct

Koichi Takada Architects Pty Ltd, the maker of the highlighted work Retail Precinct by Koichi Takada Architects Pty Ltd explains, East Village introduces a unique shopping experience by creating an urban marketplace under a forest canopy. With a sust <Cropped>

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Self-Ordering System For Restaurants:restaurants Automation System by Ihor Shadko

Ihor Shadko Shows The Restaurants Automation System Self-Ordering System For Restaurants

Ihor Shadko , the thinktank behind the highlighted design Self-ordering system for restaurants by Ihor Shadko demonstrates, Development of the Mycelium SWISH raised a big challenge of creating a complex design environment which must mutual beneficial <Cropped>

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Pro Carton Young Designers Award 2019

The Pro Carton Young Designers Award Is Now One of Europe’s Leading Annual Young Talent Competitions For Packaging Design. Every Student Enrolled in a European Design School or University and With a Heart For Structural and Product Design Is Welcome To

The pro carton young designers award is now one of europe’s leading annual young talent competitions for packaging design. every student enrolled in a european design school or university and with a heart for structural and product design is welcom <Cropped>

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Bird Nest-Gold Ring by Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi

Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi Presents The Bird Nest Gold Ring

Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi, the author of the highlighted design Bird Nest by Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi explicates, This is a gold ring designed for females, the techniques used in designing of this ring and the imagination behind it make it so unique. <Cropped>

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