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Central Rat Race

The project was a charity race by making use of streets, footbridges and walkways of commercial buildings, which had a relay of 8 legs to symbolize the rat race of white collars in a city. The race was designed as a mini-scene recreation of the corporate ladder from graduate to senior executive. The relay reflected the trials and tribulations of the breakneck corporate environment. Another gimmick was two large-scale fitness games in the form of a rat running wheel and a rat trap set up in the heart of CBD for the public to experience what was like a rat.

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Larry Perkins

The Larry Perkins Trophy for Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix is a unique trophy that celebrates the engineering contributions that Formula 1 and Touring Cars driver Larry Perkins has made to motorsport. The Design consists of Carbon Fibre unibody that is generated in VR with five spoke design as a algorithmic generative structure fabricated with Titanium 3d printing. The outer rim of trophy contains 20 winning drivers nameplates that mimic rear race car defusers, these are also 3d printed in titanium.

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J. Hudson Taylor

This is the first exhibition hall with the theme of missions and missionaries in Mainland China. It is also a historical testimony of the missionaries of the China Inland Mission in the past 150 years. The memorial hall is located in a separate clock tower of a church. Its net floor area is less than 6000 square feet. In order to overcome the limitation in space, the memorial hall has adopted white tones and oak in its design. White gives people a feeling of tranquility and solemnity, and can visually extend the sense of space.

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Centrestage 2017

The fashion event Centrestage purpose was about discovering the new fashion talent of Asia. The organiser offered 3 communal areas to uplift the image of this show. Under the theme Nouveau Playhouse, the journey of visitor starts with vibrant typography and gamification formats at the 1800 square meters outer concourse area. Inside the hall a 185 square meters central display and 210 square meters catwalk area an urban playground feel was used in contrast, to highlight the many various brands and the collections of fashion designer.

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InStyle HK 2017

Held in a hotel Kala Lumpur, the InStyle HK Expo was aimed at helping 40 Hong Kong companies penetrate and test the consumers of Malaysian market on a variety of lifestyle products. The design brief of expo was to showcase an affluent east of Hong Kong meets west culture. Classical modern influenced architecture was used to create an upmarket boutique shopping experience. This was intermixed with curated products and video content to position Hong Kong as the lifestyle trend setter of Hong Kong.

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Living in Fun

To uplift the image of HK Houseware Fair, 3 areas were given inside the venue by the organiser. Comprising of a welcome installation at the foyer of the venue, the main entry area of the exhibition hall and a central display area inside the hall. In addition, 4 trend forecast reports had to be converted into physical spaces. Based on the concept Living in Fun, the design was about bringing the fair to life by making use of houseware objects to create a series of kinetic installations.

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