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Neon Nights

To uplift the image of the 2019 HK Fashion Week (Spring/Summer) a concept titled Neon Nights was developed, by mixing fashion industry latest colour trends into elements of retro Hong Kong nighttime neon street scenes. Three areas were given by the organizer to enhance this trade fair into a marketing show. First, a welcome installation at the venue main entrance, followed by the exhibition hall main entry. Then inside the hall, a 300 m2 multi-functional communal space was created for fashion shows, seminars and informal meetings activities etc.

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This design is realized to contribute to the normalization of life during self-isolation, and to create a special award for the winners of online tournaments. The award's design represents the transformation of a Pawn into a Queen, as a recognition of the player's progress in chess. The award consists of two flat figures, the Queen and the Pawn, which are inserted into each other due to narrow slots forming a single cup. The award design is durable thanks to stainless steel and is convenient for transportation to the winner by mail.

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Riga marathon 2020

The 30th anniversary medal of the Riga International Marathon Course has a symbolic shape connecting the two bridges. The infinitely continuous image represented by the 3D curved surface is designed in five sizes according to the mileage of the medal, such as full marathon and half marathon. The finish is matte bronze, and the back of the medal is engraved with the tournament name and mileage. The ribbon is composed of the colors of the city of Riga, with gradations and traditional Latvian patterns in contemporary patterns.

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ISY Sanya International Electronic Music

Isy Music Festival is an ultra large music festival in China. Every year, Isy organizes this global carnival with the tropical atmosphere of Hainan Island. Isy 2019 NYE has created a new set of IP— “Deer Man” —from the legendary design of the sea, sky, and mountains in Sanya, China, and integrated the story of love and natural power into its iconic stage design, making it the most Innovative music festival in China.

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Let’s Play School

The theme of the Spring Festival is school. The focus is placed on matching school and theme park spaces, and it displays the beauty of spring that can be enjoyed simultaneously. Through the presentation of stories, for adults, it reminds them of precious memories, and for children, it provides them with a space for creating memories. It is reminiscent of a fun school attended by Lotty, Lorry, and cute animal characters in pretty school uniforms. (Lotty / Lorry: Lotte World's representative character). For the visitors, with the background of the theme park, fun photo zones are provided.

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360 Design Budapest

360 Design Budapest was a series of programs, introduced by the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency in the frame of Budapest Design Week. The event, presenting the works of twenty Hungarian and four international contemporary designers, had an interesting feature: its Phygital nature, which allowed the audience to visit the exhibition both offline and online. The event displays designers of the Hungarian and regional design scene highlighting also through this high-value selection that Central European design is indeed world class.

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